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Tokeli is a multi dimensional artist, working in a variety of media, including painting, music compositiontheatre, and writing. Tokeli is a unique artist because of a traumatic accident and subsequent out-of-body experience, which shifted the focus of her artwork towards consciousness. 

Tokeli's perspective was transformed and expanded, after a traumatic fall down a flight of stairs, as she began experiencing outside-the-norm psi phenomena.  This enhanced awareness to a multi-dimensional consciousness state has now embedded itself into the artwork. This is something that needs to be seen in person to be believed. There is significant data to support the notion that Out of body and near death experiences are commonly known to enhance consciousness states and psychic abilities. People who have experienced an OOBE often “return” with expanded consciousness or an ability to meditate differently, moving out of Beta brainwave state and into Theta and Delta states, thus tapping into hidden potentials and modalities.

Working with synesthesia, Tokeli's musical background compliments her experiential action painting to her own compositions. Each abstract painting in her exhibitions is accompanied by a musical composition, a poetic story and a philosophical or metaphysical writing. She has published one exhibition/art book on art and consciousness, Inner Sojourn.  Tokeli has a theatre major and philosophy minor from UCSD (undergrad) and Tufts University (Masters). Tokeli is as Past Board President of the Escondido Art Association and a member of the San Diego Museum of Art Artists Guild and Oceanside Museum of Art Artists Alliance. Her mixed media mural "Intelligence" was unveiled August 13, 2022 at the Phase I of #EscoAlleyArt behind Grand Avenue in Escondido. It sits behind the historic Fabric building on Grand Avenue in the alley.


She also teaches meditation and metaphysics in small groups, and works as a consciousness speaker/trainer.

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