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If you fell down a flight of stairs and really got hurt, physically, something else (non-physical) might also happen. You might feel as though you were floating inside of a great White Mist, like the inside of an egg. You might hear what they call a “hypnagogic” sound: imagine the rumbling of an earthquake, the cacophony of a symphony tuning up, a million distant voices whispering as one, your own internal frequency, your tinnitus, that high-pitched ringing that’s always there and you never noticed it before, but now the volume is really turned up. Now weave them all together--yes, that’s it, now you're close...


Physically, you’d be different too, truth be told. You might feel the kind of white hot pain that's both physical and non-physical, something so much MORE, that it really cracks you open. You might find yourself feeling lighter and sensitive to light, to electricity, to Wifi--even other people. Mentally, you might even dislodge from the body, disassociate from your “normal” state of mind. Something strange might happen to you, even if you’ve never believed in this kind of thing before, and suddenly you might just OPEN yourself to another aspect of consciousness. Yes, and it would open itself to you too, perhaps. Would you find yourself living in a dream?

And yet: you might find yourself waking the next morning (and the morning after that, and the morning after that…) with “downloads” of strange and fantastical information: concepts about different levels of consciousness, the meaning of existence, quantum physics and harmonics, geometric patterns, the natural world, the words of mystics you’d never read before (you might want to check those later and be astounded to find the correlations), immaterial phenomena, death, and the cosmos. You might find yourself suddenly endlessly curious, if you weren’t already so. Here’s the weird part: people might start looking at you differently in the grocery store. Like they really need to tell you something about their mother, or something they’ve really got to get off their chest!  They might feel better just by sitting near you.  They might be able to FEEL something like electricity coming off of you. Yes, I know it sounds weird and fantastic and horrible too, but believe me, it could happen...It could happen to you.

I know this, because it happened to me.

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