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Monthly Meditation Group
Time: 1st Wednesday of the month 6pm
Location:  Escondido Public Library, upstairs in the Turrentine Room
Cost:  Free

" I had the pleasure to join the guided meditations, which was beautifully different from any other meditation I've done in the past. The conversation, insight and energy that Tokeli facilitates is incredible. The rest of my day I was always relaxed and inspired." M.

Consciousness Studies with Tokeli may include:
Intuitive spiritual guidance by Tokeli. Training in Various meditation techniques, including Vipassana, Single Point Focus, Active, Zen, Opening Senses Nature, Visualization.

Breathwork (Box Breath, Anapana, Diaphragmatic, Yogi-Breath, Extension)

Dream Yoga and Dream Journaling

Compassionate Counseling

Psychic Mediumship, Channeling, Spiritual Guidance

Quantum Consciousness investigations

Discussion topics: Maya Illusion, Simulation Theory, Mindfulness, Grief Counseling, Energy Healing, Gratitude, Multi-Dimensional Theory, and Transition Preparation. 


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