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Compassionate Counseling

Schedule your personal session with spiritual advisor, Tokeli, by phone or in-person (Southern Calif). 

Call/text for pricing and details




"I met Tokeli by divine guidance in 2019 and ever since then she has impacted my life in such a positive way, so much so that I cannot see my life without her. I am an entrepreneur and Tokeli has been my spiritual advisor and meditation instructor and has always been available to me as needed. I also recently purchased a piece of her art that resonated with me. It sits in my private office and gives me such inspiration and positive energy. Thank you, Tokeli, for everything." E.


"I really enjoyed my session with Tokeli, but actually it was after I left and re-thought about what she was saying that things started to evolve in the right direction...almost magically! It was amazing how my life shifted since my visit with her. It took a great turn! I am more in-tune with my inner self and this has given me so much joy!" R.

"I could feel something like static electricity coming off her on my arms." A.

"I wish everyone knew about this.  Tokeli was so helpful to me, it brings me to happy tears just thinking about it." T.

"Every reading I've had with Tokeli has been incredibly insightful and enlightening. Her readings are spot on as far as accuracy!" C.

"I feel like Tokeli has really helped me distinguish my genuine True Self from life's acquired traits." L.

" Tokeli is loving, supportive and kind. She helps you get to your Center and guides you to You. You have to do the work, but she helps you clarify with the most wonderful insight and that leaves you space to grow." S.

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