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Updated: Nov 12, 2017

In biology, transcription is the first step of gene expression, in which a particular segment of DNA is copied into RNA . In music, it is the re-writing of what we hear onto paper in musical annotation. In writing, transcription is the copying of an idea into form. In painting, I transcribe what I see onto canvas.

But where did I see this crazy picture? What is it transcribed from?

Do you not know what you are looking at? Do you not see its intention? What if you looked at this painting in a different manner? What if it was in a wall of a house, a very nice house, with white walls and good lines and a chair and a table and all of life's necessities. The house we are standing in has you in it too, and you are staring at a wall with a rectangular canvas on it.

“Now, out of the corner of your eyes you see the chair, the desk, the furniture, the things of life. Suddenly, you think that the painting almost doesn't seem to exist in the same space.”

It looks fanciful. It looks like it is moving, energetically, the colors are not colors that you can see elsewhere in the room. Can you see those colors in nature? Do they even exist? What if you turned your eyes inside out (metaphorically speaking), and you saw the painting as a doorway into another world?

Not Real

What is the chair, the desk, the furniture, the wall, the things of life’s necessities? They are NOT the real world. What if the painting is the doorway into the REAL world? What if my dreamscape is the real world and your living room is the place where you chose to put the doorway into this other world, the doorway into MY dreams?


36”x48” mixed media on canvas


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