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The Silver Chord/Cord

Mixed Media on canvas

48” x 60”

Kundalini refers to the "coiled one" in the concept of Dharma, a form of primal energy (or shakti) said to be located at the base of the spine. The Silver Cord in Kundalini, often called the sutratma or life thread of antahkarana, refers to a life-giving linkage from the higher self (atma) down to the physical body.

In astral projection, this invisible cord is what connects the self to the Higher Self during travels insuring safe return. This cord does not sever, as in the point of no return, during Near Death Experiences NDE’s and Out of Body Experiences OOBE’s. It ties the avatar to its Source, the One True Thing, the Everythingness, the All That Is, The Is, God, Energy, Love, the godhead.

The Silver “Chord” is that sound, that ineffable sound, which is the one true chord, the sonic revelation, the sound of Oneness. The terms we use for God are not a name, but an energy, a sound frequency. We call it, and it comes to us. It is not a name—it is a sound, no matter the language used.



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