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The Little Consciousness Theatre

Here's the plan. In October 2020 I will be at Gallery 21 in San Diego. The Big room will be all my paintings, sculpture, and two Immersion Boxes, like the box I did called "Dinosaurs Watching a Movie About Humanity."

Then, in addition to this large solo exhibition room, I am creating an immersion experiential room. Here is its description.

Adjacent to the large room which features the exhibition paintings, there will be a smaller (16' x 16') light-limited room housing the experiential, multi dimensional art installation., called "The Little Conscoiusness Theatre." This immersive room utilizes theatrical lighting, filmmaking, music and binaural sound effects, sacred geometry laser projections, aromatherapy diffusers, sculpture, and aesthetic interpretation of consciousness.

Elements: 1.) Military grade square parachute encompassing entire room. Light restricted/controlled for projector hanging from center of room. Projector shines from circular gobo through to large container on floor with water/ink solution (white). Film about Humanity's life cycle will be playing onto created "screen" of water/ink solution in the container. 2.) Recorded overhead original music (accompanied by binaural higher frequency (over 110 MgH) ethereal sounds to activate sixth sense awareness in witnesses). Each song has also been embedded with ethereal sounds. 3.) Moving laser projector cycling through various sacred geometry shapes (platonic/geometric solids like the icosahedron, torus, pyramid, sphere, etc.) throughout floor and the parachute. 4.) Scenic design element: white organic-looking Vines (shimmering, translucent, seemingly "moving") on walls, floor, ceiling. Think "Stranger Things," but white not black. 5.) Hidden diffusers with water and essential oils (Albizia julibrussin, Helichrysum, Myrrh, Lavender, Rosemary, Nymphaea caerulea, Sandalwood, Frankincense), which aid in pineal activation/sixth sense awareness for the experiencer. 6.) Buddha statue behind parachute with lighting projected larger shadow against backside of parachute. 7.) Ambient tea candles throughout.


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