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The Giver and the Receivers

Imagine the earth.

She altruistically emits a frequency continuously. Her conductive ionosphere acts as a wave guide, a resonant cavity, for electromagnetic waves. One tower of transmission could potentially power an entire nation. This is happening right underneath our feet. All. The. Time.

Imagine yourself a Native American ancient. You sleep on a pad on the ground. You walk in moccasins on the ground. You sit on the ground to meditate, pray, eat, commune with elders. You are “grounded” in this electromagnetic frequency all of the time. And you have no inflammation because of it.

Now expand your thinking about this energy source, which has always been here subtly emitting itself into the world you live in since the beginning of the planet. Tesla called this a source of “free energy.” It is everywhere, and it is huge — the possibility of wireless transfer of energy en masse. All of Earth’s surface — the land, the oceans, the highest mountain peaks — all give off this energy…freely. With a wireless network power grid, (which was Tesla’s aim before his efforts were thwarted), the world could muscle every possible technological invention.

Earth gives this energy from her center. She always has, every day of the year. Your whole lifetime you have ignored this. My whole lifetime. All of our lifetimes. This energy is given freely, but we do not use our minds and creativity to find ways to harness it. We do not know how to receive her gifts, our Earth Mother. We do not have the “political will” to make the technology which would utilize the free electromagnetic energy that Mother Earth is giving away. We do not build houses and commercial structures upon the earth with this new technology built into it, so that the house itself is a conduit for power. We do not make our factory buildings out of this tech. We do not pave our roads and highways to power our cars this way. We do not find the way. We do not see the way.

We do not utilize the opportunities of Nature.

Instead, we rape the earth…daily. Yes, we rape the Mother. We dig into her, we pluck her trees, we drill deeply, we dig up her reserves, and we dam up her rivers. We rape her. We rape our Mother. The Giver. Our Host. She is gracious and giving. She has been giving to us all along, all of this time, without end. But we rape her instead of learning how to receive her gifts. We do not know how to do it. We cannot see it.

We talk about it, but we don’t know what to do at this point. Some people want to run away, to get “off grid,” to abandon the chaos. But we were never meant to DENY our technology, to halt our own progress, to go back to the Stone Age…to hide in the woods. We were meant to LEARN. We could’ve brought our Mother Earth into play in a synchronistic relationship. If we would have been more thoughtful, slower to action, more creative, we would’ve had more foresight. Not so long ago, we took our shortcuts to power because we wanted so much. We have always wanted more. We took advantage of what we had in front of us, but we did not give back. We were not patient. We were not kind. We wanted more and more, all of the time, each one of us. And so, in truth, we took advantage of the Mother.

Yet amazingly, She continues to give. She is always giving, even now, even after we have done her such harm, such injustice. She is like Shel Silverstein’s imaginary tree in his children’s book, “The Giving Tree.” We do not really want what she has to give, but she keeps trying to give it to us. We say it is too late. We say, “Free energy? What’s that? Who’s going to pay for that? Who will do the research? Who will build the infrastructure? It’s too late! The systems are already in place. We use coal, electricity, oil. This is the way we’ve always done it. This newfangled ‘free energy’ business, no, that’s not for us. That’s not the way we do it. We’ve been doing it this other way for hundreds of years! Your head is in the clouds! We can’t go back and undo it all; we can’t start over. That’s ridiculous! That’s unrealistic! We can’t afford it. How would we DO all that?! Look, we say, we’re good people. We’ve done enough. We’ve set up the wind turbines and solar panels, but that’s all for now. We’ve tried other stuff and it just doesn’t work.”

We imagine that we are lost. We imagine that it is too late. Envisage Little Red Riding Hood on her way to Grandmother’s house. Think of us as Little Red. We think we’re so big now, so mature. We think we’re so smart. We know where we want to go. We are walking a path through the woods towards our Home, but somewhere along the Path we took a hair-brain turn. We got lost. But we just kept going and going. Now, it is getting dark and we find ourselves utterly alone and without direction…it is frightening being alone in the wilderness. We do not know which way to head. It’s getting so late. It’s turning dark. Instead of rotating around and retracing our steps, we keep going in the wrong direction, leading us further and further astray. Now we find ourselves far away from Home. We call out, hoping someone will save us. “Help!” we shout to the stars. Should we go all the way back the way we came, or should we cut through the unknown forest and try to find our way to Grandmother’s house? How do we do it? We are so far afield now of the original Path. How do we know what to do? It feels wrong to turn back and go “backwards” in this progressive journey, but it’s too scary to turn off the current way and try to find a new one, hacking our way through the bush. It’s dark out here and there is not clear cut path. It is unfamiliar. It is not what we are used to. We have lost our sense of direction. It’s cold out here and we cannot find our True North. We have no intuition of where Home might be, though we long to go there. Yes, we want to go Home. We can visualize what it will feel like. We all want the same things: peace, harmony, equilibrium, the comfort of home. But we are in the forest now, arguing with ourselves about which direction to take. Sorry, Little Red, I also do not have the answer.

What would the future look like if we had learned better? What if we had stepped back and seen the Bigger Picture or found a way to do it now? What would it look like in an impoverished place like Africa if a technology was available 24/7 which allowed free energy to be accessible? What would we build? What could we create? How would it change all of our systems, economic, institutional, productive? What if it was available to everyone, this energy. all people and companies and groups and coalitions…big and small? What if those six or so over-sized conglomerates which own and operate through their subsidiaries the entire planet were suddenly rendered obsolete because of this freedom? What if the technology was not about money but instead about creativity? What would be different?

Meanwhile, Mother Earth is still giving to us, calling out to us all of the time, but we do not know how to receive. She is the Giver and we are the Receivers, so why is synergy so out of reach?

I can see possibilities. Can you see the possibilities? Can you, as I do, see your Mother Earth now?

Sand Stone. Acrylic and ink on paper. Tokeli. 2016

# # #


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