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The Gilded Age Revisited

Violette III

Genealogy Series 2019: Photograph and Mixed Media on canvas

14” x 11”

This is my great grandmother, Violette Curtis. I just love the gilded frame I've placed her in.

She was a complex woman, full of dichotomy. She was talented, she was beautiful, and she was ruthless in the end.

I met this woman in Michigan in the middle of blizzard when she was hospital-bound deep into her 80’s. I was 3 or 4 years old. She’d broken her hip, but that didn’t

her from criticizing the staff and demoralizing her children who came to visit. I was with my mother (her granddaughter), and I cannot remember the awkwardness of the visit...only the horrible feeling of sleet hitting my small face, as we stepped outside and walked to the car. It was so cold. So bitterly cold.

Why do so many beautiful women end with such bitterness, so many unfulfilled dreams?


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