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Death of Stars, Birth of Angels

Mixed media on canvas

48” x 60” SOLD

It isn’t what you think. It isn’t a fat Cherub. It isn’t a woman with feathery white wings.

It is the end of one thing and the beginning of another. Entire systems of life and consciousness go dead after a period of time, and stars may become super nova. There is an endpoint. There is a time for a release and expulsion of energy which is drawn inward into an intense gravitational center, a single point. Celestial bodies are pulled compactly into this dense point, expanding energy and contracting density into a black hole. There is an implosion and there is an explosion.

It reminds me of the feeling of the magnetic pull that I have in my head during meditation since the activation. It pulls and draws inward and explodes outward all around me simultaneously. It shoots down my arms and into my hands, as it draws upon energy that is also not in this form or dimension (not understandable in our current paradigm). Portals of extra dimensional space create consciousness, the birth of a star is also the birth of an angel. The star is not an angel; it is a byproduct.

“Angels,” if you would still like to call them that, outnumber humans in every incarnation in every dimension billions and billions to one. They are everywhere. They continue to be born. They are guardians who work with the portals between dimensions. Their intelligence supersedes all. The realms of creativity, healing, writing, music, arts, channeling, creative expression, and higher consciousness are effective of these black hole explosions, which serve as worm holes between periods in space/time. They are young. (Hence the cherubim metaphor.) They are bright and they are powerful.

They are “small but mighty.”


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