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Updated: Nov 12, 2017

Primordial etchings in caves we do not respect as Truth...

Will we someday learn to respect both sides of an equation, the right and left brain? The feminine and the masculine? The Bigger Picture's relevance and all the Details of its Codification? We must integrate our understanding so that we can learn the Greater Truths. Primordial etchings in caves we do not respect as Truth, as now we have science to tell us the wrong dates of their creation, though later we will discover that Edgar Cayce’s timeline was more accurate! We must integrate the left and right brains or we will surely perish.

“The Ankh, the Power, the Truth.”

The sacred sites connected by the thin black thread -- which we cut and destroy its connections and wonder at our own disasters. The Mamos’ Aluna speaks to us but we do not listen anymore.

Sacred Sites

Just like the Anasazi built the wind tunnel resonance multiplier for maximum frequency to travel dimensions, we disappear off the face of the earth without a trace, just like them. Only the ones with the ability to understand the ancient technologies will survive the Purifier. Dr. Osmanagich will never be believed but he must continue to take the tours through Egypt and the world’s sacred sites.


48" x 49" acrylic on canvas


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