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Bound to Be With You

Mixed media on canvas

48" x 60"

This painting is also a song: “I’m Bound to Be With You.” Words and Music by Tokeli

The past won’t let a-hold of me

Emotion’s old command

But I long to be with you

A vast expanse in front of me

A past I can endure

Swimming to the other side

My lonely heart’s allure

Surprised by love when it begins

My feelings are unsure

But I’ve longed to be with you.

And oh you feel so close

Across a vast, cold tidal flow

I move so slow through icy blue

But I’m bound to be with you.

I’m bound to be with you.

The crimson birds who fly so far

To end each year where they start

And sacrificing even sleep

They’ve promises to keep

Love is always leaving

Or arriving standing still

The better places in us

Are uncharted, if you will

I’m returning in concentric circles

And I will Always be with you.


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