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Be your own guru.

I need to make something perfectly clear. Follow no one. Be your own guru.

I post ideas here “in service” only, without fear of Ego-reactivation. Since I fell down the stairs, I have undergone a metamorphosis. The beauty and truth I found (and continue to find) makes the world a better place--if it is given freely. It would just make everything so much easier if we were all on the same journey. However, everyone’s journey is entirely unique and personal. I cannot help anyone on Facebook--not anymore than you can help me. I am pleased to have discovered some of these deeper mysteries revealed, and I make picture memes of them, because my creative side simply cannot help herself from being visual, but it is OK if they do not help anyone. Everyone must find a path themselves. I am not your guru. I’m not starting an intentional community. I do not want you to follow me. I do not want your adoration. I do not need you to listen. I would love for you to feel centered and happy and have a sense of inner contentment/peace. But really I want nothing. I crave anonymity. I want to be of some help, of course, but frankly if it means I have to enter back into the world of ego, it is not worth it to me. It is too dangerous and ego doesn’t work anyway. I do not live in that world anymore.

Since I fell down the stairs, I had something miraculous happen and I am absolutely flooded with gratitude. I was the atheist and here I am calling something “miraculous.” I don’t even understand what is happening myself most of the time. It There are magical things happening, and they are cool and interesting, but it is not a parlour trick and I am not a trained seal. I’m just a person trying to live her life and figure it out, just like everyone else.


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