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A Major 7th

Updated: Nov 12, 2017

"Before the Everythingness, there was the Nothingness."

It is very hard to fathom the Nothingness, it is very hard to imagine a void, especially an infinite void. To conceptualize itself, maybe that is why the Source birthed the Everythingness, to visualize a picture of itself upon itself.

Whatever the reason, the Crack opened and the Great Design began with a single point. Actually, the point could only be created by sound, a single harmonic quantum gestation which birthed the point, which became a line, with two points.

“ ...the Crack opened and the Great Design began with a single point. ”

The line became a shape, then a crystalline structure, and so on and so on, until we saw the seeming chaos of implosion after implosion, as we head for another today.

My first painting back after non-painting for 20 years

“A Major 7th” was my first painting back after non-painting for 20 years. I did it in one day, unlike pretty much all of my other work which takes weeks to complete. It was almost as if I HAD to get this done in one day so that I could catapult myself back into the creative act. It came so easily, even though it being the largest kind of painting I do, and so complex, why? How? What does it mean that it flew out of me so swiftly? It was part of the cracking open, whose physicality came years later when I fell down the stairs, but here was the genesis of that cracking open.

The beginning, a birth.

A first step into understanding the wholeness, the oneness, the collective consciousness.”

The crack opens and forwards and backwards at the same time is visible. It is the portal through which I too am cracked open, terrible and glorious, free and horrid, magnificent and frightening. It is not just “my” beginning but THE beginning. It is my only way of knowing the opening, through the crack, the portal. It begins the connection between sight and sound. Upon hearing the A Major 7th chord, the opening frequency to meditation, to visions, to sound, to the Light..


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