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Purple Mountains' Majesty

Acrylic on canvas

36" x 36"

What treachery to have one’s liberty trampled upon by a tyrannical government that seeks to plunder all and declares its sovereignty without regard to Justice! The proverbial “they” will continue to roll by in their motored carriages and plump themselves up in their palaces without concern for our distaste at their horrid acts, our dismay at a system that props them, at our own desperate disenfranchisement.

Do we have no courageous spirit? Do we not care for our own Destiny? Do we lack the courage to fight with words, with swords, with choices? Do we not care or are we ignorant of the trajectory of tyranny?

No, the peasants are beginning to lift their feet. They are beginning to narrow their eyes. Fellow countrymen: Do you love Freedom? Do you cherish your own ideas? Do you hate oppression?

Then, what do you love best, my friends: your apathy or your countrymen?

ORIGINAL NOT FOR SALE: By special permission from the Private Collection of the Weller Family.



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