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"I fell down a flight of stairs (backwards) on June 30, 2017.   Something happened next that seems to defy all laws of Nature and Reason.  To express this new consciousness, I have decided to let the synesthesia have its way with me, synthesizing multiple dimensions of painting, sculpture, music composition, theatre, and storytelling.  I have decided to tell the story of my altered state of consciousness and the ethereal realm it represents.


I’m not afraid to connect the dots anymore, so here it is."


Installation Abstract

Interactive, immersive multi dimensional art installation, encompassing theatrical/film, musical, and aesthetic interpretations of metaphysical philosophical concepts, brought on by traumatic injury.


1.)  Abstract expressionistic and surrealistic experiential action paintings (which have been synesthetically painted "to music.")  Each painting has its own associations: lyrics/poetry, its own metaphysical concepts, a written story, and a piece of original music.  Each painting has also been meditated upon for a period of at minimum 30 day regularity process increasing higher metaphysical vibrational "essence" or frequency to each work.

2.)  Recorded overhead original music (accompanied by binaural higher frequency (over 110 MgH) ethereal sounds to activate sixth sense awareness in witnesses).  Each song has also been embedded with ethereal sounds, see list.

3.)  Large screen projectors and/or projections of the artist's original film (a documentary without words indicating images of falling down stairs and subsequent visions and paranormal experiences, see list).  Same images projected onto 3D white sculptures of sacred geometric designs, (eg. platonic/geometric solids like the icosahedron, torus, pyramid, sphere, etc.), hanging from installation ceiling.  These structures are very lightweight, like Chinese lanterns. 


4.)  Scenic design element: white organic-looking Vines (shimmering, translucent, seemingly "moving") on walls, floor, ceiling.  Think "Stranger Things," but white not black.   


5.)  Hidden diffusers with water and essential oils (Albizia julibrussin, Helichrysum, Myrrh, Lavender, Rosemary, Nymphaea caerulea, Sandalwood, Frankincense), which aid in pineal activation/sixth sense awareness for the experiencer. 




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